Spear: Just say no to Bronco-blorange airliner

11 Nov

no_BSU_planeWe’ve got a hilarious breaking story out of Boise today, showing commitment to Vandal pride.

Idaho athletic director Rob Spear showed up to the Moscow airport this morning for his flight to Boise, where he planned to meet with Vandal boosters down in the Treasure Valley in advance of this weekend’s Idaho/Boise State rivalry game.

Only, waiting at the gate for him was Horizon Air’s new Boise State Broncos theme plane.

Horizon, the regional subsidiary of Alaska Airlines, now has five theme planes for Northwestern universities — Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State and Boise State.

Who’s missing there? Oh, right — the flagship university of the great State of Idaho.

So what did Dr. Spear do? He did something courageous, brilliant and ultimately hilarious.

Spear refused to board the aircraft, rebooked and drove to Spokane.

Yes, it cost him some time and money, but Spear told Boise’s KBCI TV that he won’t be flying on the Broncos plane at all until Horizon does a similar Q400 for the Vandals.

“I want to be clear this wasn’t meant as a disrespect for Boise State, I just told the Horizon people that I would fly on that plane only after they paint an Idaho plane too,” Spear said.

We’ve got a call in to see if we can’t get some comment of our own from Spear. But our initial reaction? Right on, Dr. Spear. In fact, we’re going to join him — and perhaps the rest of Vandal Nation should do the same.

I happen to be an MVP on Alaska Airlines, thanks to my flights around the West for Vandal sports, and my flights back home over the breaks. If the Blue and Orange Broncoplane shows up to the gate and I at all have a choice… I’m going to rebook.

3 Responses to “Spear: Just say no to Bronco-blorange airliner”

  1. NetVandal November 11, 2009 at 4:16 pm #

    I sent Horizon a comment stating that though I’ve primarily flown Horizon/Alaska in the past, I’ll be looking to other airlines in the future until there is an Idaho plane.

  2. Marie November 11, 2009 at 10:38 pm #

    Yes, please rebook. I don’t want my Vandal son flying on a Bronco’s plane.

  3. shedawg November 13, 2009 at 8:59 am #

    Hey Vandals – I’m a die-hard Husky fan coming onto your blog site to wish you every success against Boise State. Your team really impressed us at Husky Stadium -its time for a new sheriff in your conference – go get ’em!

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