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A daughter’s plight to get Vandal legend father in Pro Football Hall of Fame

30 Jun

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to speak with the daughter of one of the most legendary players in Vandal football history – Jerry Kramer.

Kramer’s No. 64 hangs retired in the Kibbie Dome rafters

His daughter, Alicia Kramer, is spearheading the effort to get him on the 2013 ballot for and to be ultimately inducted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Alicia is joined by the University of Idaho and the Gallatin Public Affairs group based out of Boise in these efforts. Heck, even Boise State University has joined in the effort with this press release(curiously enough with not a single mention of him playing for Idaho).

The resume for the former Vandal and Green Bay Packers offensive guard is an impressive one. He spent his entire 11-year playing career with the Packers, earning three Pro bowl selections, five All-Pro selections, helped the Packers win the first two ever Super Bowls and was named to the NFL’s 50th anniversary team. Coincidentally enough, Jerry Kramer is the only member of that anniversary team that is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

With that kind of resume there is a general assumption that Jerry Kramer is already in the Hall of Fame. Alicia cited an instance when former Vandal Mark Sclereth sent out a tweet in support of the campaign, after which people would come back to her and say “Wait, your father isn’t in the Hall of Fame?”

Instead, if nominated, this will be the 11th attempt to send Jerry Kramer’s legacy to Canton, OH.

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A summer update from Vandal Nation – Idaho cancels HS football camp, Akey’s hot seat, links and more

27 Jun

Winning the Humanitarian Bowl in 2009 made Robb Akey Moscow’s toast of the town. Is his clock ticking in 2012?

It must be summer in Moscow. Looking out the window it’s pouring rain just a day after what felt like 80 degree weather. Gotta love it. Hopefully it being summer is also a good excuse for the lack of content on this blog recently, but that is going to change very soon. Including having the answer that everybody that reads this blog wants to know – Where will the Idaho football team end up? We’ll be tackling that and many more issues very shortly.

We’re also planning on bringing our readers:

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