Vandal Nation’s 2012 Idaho football projected depth chart – Ver. 3 (Update 8/23)

21 Aug

(Update 8/23):

This afternoon was the last time the team will hit the SprinTurf before kickoff against Eastern next Thursday. The Vandals will spend game week in the Kibbie Dome with practices closed to the public and media.

Some notes from today’s practice:

– QB Chad Chalich was in shorts and not participating, again. Meanwhile, fellow freshman Austin DeCoud was getting a good amount of reps. It’s appearing very likely that Chalich redshirts.
– DE Benson Mayowa was back out practicing, but was in shorts. Akey said he is still sorting through a few things. Don’t look for him to play against Eastern.
– Taylor Davis spent more time holding his helmet than he did throwing a football. Logan Bushnell got a majority of the snaps with the second team. We adjusted the depth chart accordingly.
– We were able to talk to Su’a Tuala, Gary Walker and corners coach Patrick Libey after practice today. The general message was that the Vandals are aware of what Eastern Washington did at Husky Stadium last season.
– According to this tweet from Maxx Forde, QB Logan Bushnell and Moscow native RB Justin Parkins have been put on scholarship

(Update 8/22):

The Vandals hit the practice field Wednesday for day one of game week preparations for Eastern Washington, and it was easy to see the culmination of an entire fall’s worth of pre-season practices and scrimmages.

A few notes to take away from the practice:

– TE Taylor Elmo returned to practice and was a full pads participant. Coach Akey left it up in the air what his future will be this season, he could redshirt.
– RB Joshua Hadley has joined the roster. The true freshman from the Sacramento area had been rumored to be joining the team for some time now but it has just recently become official.
– DE Benson Mayowa was not a participant in practice, and hasn’t been all fall. Akey didn’t set a specific time table for his return but said that they would like him to be back as soon as possible. It seems very unlikely that he will play Thursday.
– RB Todd Handley was fielding punts with WR Justin Veltung. He’ll likely get the call if Veltung isn’t quite 100-percent come game time.
– QB Chad Chalich was in shorts and not participating. Akey said that he hasn’t been redshirted.

We’ve updated the depth charts, changes will be highlighted.


From the original post: Wednesday afternoon will officially mark day one of the regular season for Idaho football – Game week preparation begins for Eastern Washington’s visit to the Kibbie Dome next Thursday.

Needless to say, fall depth chart positions this fall were open for competition following last seasons’ 2-10 showing.

We’ll keep this one short and sweet – Keep in mind that this is not an official athletic department depth chart, but instead one that we have projected based on observations and educated guesses. Also, we’ll probably do one more of these before game day. So, without further ado, the official Vandal Nation depth chart projections:



Dominique Blackman is the announced starter. Taylor Davis and Logan Bushnell are competing for the back-up job, but Davis has more experience and overall talent. Update: We’ve chosen Austin DeCoud as the emergency QB. Let’s hope that he gets to fulfill his redshirt year. Update 2: Bushnell and Davis have been competing the latter part of the fall for the back-up job, but it seems clear today that Bushnell has broken through by the number of snaps he received with the second team. Coach Akey wouldn’t commit one way or the other when asked about it, but we’ll see how the spots behind Blackman work themselves out if push ever comes to shove. 

QB1: Dominique Blackman, Jr.
QB2: Logan Bushnell, Sr. 
QB3: Taylor Davis, Jr. 
QB4 (likely to redshirt): Austin DeCoud Fr.
QB5 (most likely to redshirt): Chad Chalich, Fr.

Running back:

Keep an eye on the platoon there with the first team. Ryan Bass will start, presenting elusiveness and big play ability. James Baker will be the downhill presence on third downs and goal lines. Update: We’ve added Josh Hadley ahead of Justin Parkins. He’ll get an opportunity for carries but for now the speed of Todd Handley puts him at the tier below Bass/Baker. Update 2: Hadley is being worked in really slowly. It’s too soon to think he will redshirt, the situation behind Bass and Baker will likely be very fluid the first couple of weeks. We still have Handley leading the reserves. 

Ryan Bass has juked his way to the top spot of the depth chart

RB1: Ryan Bass, Sr.
RB1: James Baker, Jr.
RB2: Todd Handley, RS Fr.
RB3: Justin Parkins, RS Fr.
RB4: Joshua Hadley, Fr. 

Wide Receiver:

This will be the unit to watch on offense. An abundance of speed and yards after catch ability, it’s only a matter of each player stepping in to their roles and jelling as a unit. A number of players can break through as that fifth receiver but we’ve picked an early favorite that could surprise some people. Update: Redshirt freshman Marquan Major was a factor in a lot of the scrimmages playing with the ones and the twos, and we are ready to put him at the fifth receiver spot. He provides some height that most of the receiver core lacks.

Split-End: Mike Scott, Sr.
Flanker: Justin Veltung, Jr.
Slot: Najee Lovett, Jr.
WR4: Jahrie Level, Jr.
WR5: Marquan Major, RS Fr.

Tight End:

This is a tough position to project. The roles of tight ends in the offensive philosophy seems to have changed, but nobody will really know until the offense gets to play an actual game. Update: Elmo has been dropped from the three-deep because of his uncertain role in 2012.

TE1: Michael LaGrone, Jr.
TE2: Clayton Homme, Jr.
TE3: Justin Podrabsky, So. 

Offensive Line:

The fat five, as coach Akey so affectionately puts it, appears pretty set forward barring injury. The back-ups are a little tougher to project. With the starters keep in mind that the starting quarterback is left handed, meaning the upper classmen on the line will be protecting his blindside. Update: Lewiston native Spencer Beale has ran with both the first and second team and will serve as the sixth offensive linemen.

Starters from left to right: LT Cody Elenz (RS Fr.), LG Dallas Sandberg (RS Fr.), C Mike Marboe (RS So.), RG Spencer Beale (So.), RT Jordan Johnson (Jr.)
‘Sixth man’ utility: AJ Jones, Sr.
Other back-ups could include: Kyle Salm (So.), Larry Dugan (Jr.), Chester Faiai (Jr.), when healthy Guy Reynolds (RS Jr.), Nick Van Rotz (Jr.)


Defensive Line:

It will be more than four guys that will be able to make an impact this season on the Vandal defensive line. Defensive coordinator Mark Criner will count on a rotation of guys to improve on the anemic pass rush from last season. ‘Starters’ are listed first in the rotation. Update: Benson Mayowa has been dropped from the rotation for now until his role in 2012 becomes more clear.

Defensive end rotation: Maxx Forde (So.), Vince Keener (Jr.), Quinton Bradley (RS Fr.), Marius Burgsmueller (So.),
Defensive tackle rotation: Jesse Davis (So.), Quayshawne Buckley (Jr.), Karel Kearney (So.), Dontae Scott (So.), Ryan Edwards (RS Fr.),


There will be a lot of starting by committee here, which is a good thing. The unit will have the ability to be flexible and throw guys out there based on strengths. While we will list Homer Mauga as a second team player he’s gotten plenty of looks with the first team. Update: Siavii appears to be the odd man out in the starting three, but that shouldn’t stop him from playing 30+ snaps on Thursday.

Mike 1: Su’a Tuala, Sr.
Mike 2: Matt Willis, Jr.

OLB 1: Homer Mauga, Sr.
OLB 2: Rob Siavii, Sr.

OLB 1: Conrad Scheidt, Sr.
OLB 2: Rob Siavii, Sr.


Gary Walker is arguably one of the best safeties in the WAC

The secondary will be a fluid situation outside the starting four in the base 4-3 package. Thaad Thompson and Solomon Dixon could see the field quite a bit in Nickel and Dime packages.

CB1: Aaron Grymes, Sr.
CB2: Tracy Carter, Jr.
CB3: Solomon Dixon, Jr.
CB4: Jayshawn Jordan, Fr.
CB5: Christian Whitehead, Jr.

FS1: Gary Walker, Sr.
FS2: Bradley Njoku, So.

SS1: Trey Williams, Jr.
SS2: Thaad Thompson, Sr.

Special teams

Kicker & KOS 1: Trey Farquhar, Sr.
Kicker & KOS 2: Jace Johnson, Fr.
KOS 3: Bobby Cowan, Sr.

Punter 1: Bobby Cowan, Sr.
Punter 2: It’s best not to think about what would happen if Bobby Cowan got hurt

KR 1: Tracy Carter, Jr.
KR 2: Justin Veltung, Sr.
KR 3: Ryan Bass, Sr.

PR 1: Justin Veltung, Sr.
PR 2: Todd Handley, RS Fr.

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